self love.

I think to myself that I’m “ugly” and “fat” (words that I would never even think or say about someone else) hundreds and hundreds of times every single day.

When it comes to words like “ugly” and “fat”, they literally seem worse & more evil than any swear word, or anything.

I had a therapist a few years ago that said, “Mariah, how long would you be friends with someone who followed you around all day and said how ugly and fat you are?”

I kind of laughed, and said, “Well, obviously I wouldn’t be friend with them.”

He replied, “Mariah, that’s what you’re doing to yourself.”

I started sobbing. I had literally never thought about it that way before.

Working on self love.




2 thoughts on “self love.

  1. No everyone on this earth is beautiful person . There is saying in india 🇮🇳 man sutra hona chahye na ki tan gora means your heart should filled with kind word and body not important .. I feel this in my school day that i m ugly but now with my inner strength and i m the most beautiful girl of my college as I believe in myself


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