This is your sign to keep living.

Trigger warning: suicide.

This is your sign to keep living. ♥️

A few Sundays ago, I laid in bed sobbing & prayed to God for a sign to show me to keep living.

The next morning, I woke up to see a text from my brother saying “I love you Mariah”.

I started sobbing. Again.

He was my “sign”.

It was such a simple text, but it meant so, so much.

I repeat: This is your sign to keep living. ♥️

I love you all.

Instagram vs Reality: Depression Edition

Instagram vs Reality: Depression edition.

The first photo is me, being “happy”. The second photo is me, after sitting on my bedroom floor sobbing.

I named my blog “removing this mask” for a reason. I sometimes wear a mask of happiness.

I want to help in removing the stigma around mental illness.

It can be so incredibly exhausting going about, day after day, putting on an act that you’re happy.

I hope that my page can be a safe place for people suffering with mental illness.

I love you all. Sweet dreams. Please, please keep going. ♥️