time to speak up.

Sometimes (actually very often) I hold back from posting about my Depression, Anxiety & BDD on social media.

I’ve had people say I’m fishing for compliments, seeking attention, etc.

I also worry it will make me seem undateable, broken, etc.

I have dozens of photos on my wall that I’ve collected over the years that make me feel happy & remind myself that life is beautiful & worth living.

The other morning, these 2 stood out to me: “Time to speak up” & “Be as you are”.

Depression, Anxiety & BDD are part of who I am. I don’t want to be ashamed of that. Nor afraid to talk about it when mental illness is actually a subject that desperately NEEDS to be talked about.

Anyway, I love you all. I will keep posting. Keep talking. Keep trying to spread awareness.

If I can help even one person, I feel like it’s worth it.

If you don’t care for it, please just keep scrolling & don’t leave a rude comment.

Love you all. ♡