“fall on me” – the incredible power of music.

A while ago, my sister and her family were watching a show that played the song “Fall On Me” by Andrea & Matteo Bocelli.  At one point, my 5-year-old nephew started sobbing. When asked what was wrong, he said, “it’s just so beautiful!”

This. Is. Everything. To Me.  :’)   ❤

With my depression, countless times I have found solace in listening to music. When I need a good cry, I put on some beautiful tunes (I have a “songs to cry to” playlist on my phone) & cry to them.

Sometimes I will just lay in bed, listening to music, and sob. There have been so many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep. (This is embarrassing to admit, but whatevs. Here’s to being vulnerable, right?)

Must affects the heckkkk out of me. I absolutely love when it moves me emotionally & gives me chills.

When I first heard the song “Fall On Me,” I immediately put it on my phone, went for a drive, & cried my little heart out while listening to it.

Please take a few moments to listen to this stunningly beautiful piece:

And here is the full English version:

Here are some interesting articles, as well:

Why Does Great Music Give You the Chills?

Why Does Music Give You Chills?

Also, if any of you care, here are some of the songs I have on my “songs to cry to” playlist:

“that home” — the cinematic orchestra

“the crisis” — ennio morricone

“with or without you” — april meservy & aaron edson

“father kolbe’s preaching” — wojciech kilar

“hallelujah” — pentatonix

“miss clare remembers” — enya

“the night we met” — lord huron

“suo gan” — james rainbird

“you could be happy” — snow patrol

“wave” — beck

“wait” — m83

“hear you me” — jimmy eat world

“life is beautiful” — vega4

“pieces” — andrew belle

“into the west” — annie lennox

“elegy” — lisa gerrard & patrick cassidy

“come what may” — london session orchestra

“may it be” — enya

“yellow lights” — harry hudson

“heartbeats” — aron wright

“bring him home” — colm wilkinson (or hugh jackman)

“chasing cars” — snow patrol

“breathe in” — japanese wallpaper

“to build a home” — the cinematic orchestra

“sweet disposition” — seawaves

“fall on me” — andrea bocelli & matteo bocelli

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