hey there, ya little cuties. (yeah, i just needed a title).

So, this now my official blog site! 🙂

Don’t judge me though; I’m not crazy computer/technology savvy, so it probably won’t look super nice just yet. Haha.

I had a big, long list of names I was considering for my blog, because this one is like a legit site that I have to pay for, haha. So, I wanted a name that was fairly easy to remember, gave an idea of what my blog focuses on, and heck, I wanted one that sounded cool. 😉

The name I chose, “removing this mask”, is actually a line from a writing (I don’t know if I dare call my writings “poems”) I did when I was in high school. This was about the time when my depression was really starting to manifest itself. Although, I remember feeling incredibly sad from a very young age — back to my elementary years.

I’ve felt very suicidal at points in my life, and in classes where I had all my work done or while all the other kids goofed around and talked, I would sit and write in my notebook. It’d just write and write and write. It was as if getting my feelings down on to paper somehow helped me. I truly think that writing, or other forms of ‘art’, are incredibly therapeutic and can help you work through and begin to understand what you’re feeling.

I can’t remember if I showed my mother, or if she found my writings, but I will always remember seeing her cry as she read some of the things I had written. It gave her a look into my ‘world’ and what was going on in my mind — a glimpse into my internal battlefield. I think it was very hard for her to read those things coming from her daughter. I’m sure no parent would ever want their child to feel that way.

In fact, I sometimes think…the way I feel about myself…I would never wish that upon anyone. Ever.


Anyway, I’ve transferred all my posts from my old blog over to this one, so those are here for you to read as well, in case you’re interested. 🙂
Love you all! xo

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