beautiful souls & untainted beauty. – september 16th, 2015

I adore pictures of “real” people — no makeup, no designer clothes, no plastic surgery, etc. Pictures like these. I have so many folders full of pictures like this on my computer — haha — and I always want to know who the photographer is so I can thank them for capturing this untainted beauty.
I’m not proud of it, but I do get caught up in “the ways” (as I call it) of society and wanting so badly to look a certain way and achieve a certain look. And honestly, that NEVER makes me happy. That NEVER makes me feel whole. In fact, it tears me down to a point where I feel worthless and unworthy of love because I feel like I don’t compare to other girls. That’s not fun! That is a terrible way to feel and live. Stop that, Mariah. 😉
Pictures like this…make me happy. These pictures make me want to go out and help people, they make me want to “change the world,” as I put it. Haha.
Pictures like this… bring me back to reality. Physical appearance, wealth, and fame will NEVER compare to a beautiful soul.
#truebeauty #beautifulpeople #beautifullife #nothisisnotmypicture #photography #doneright

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