social media.

Social Media is like a drug dealer for people with Body Dysmorphia. The “drug,” (viewing all those pictures and whatnot) is killing you, but you keep going back to the “drug dealer,” (Social Media), for more.

You see literally countless pictures of gorgeous women with perfect bodies, hair, faces, etc., etc. Everything I don’t have.

And it kills you.

You hate yourself. You despise the way you look. You would do anything; pay any price, just to look different. You cry literally every single day. You often want to die. Or, at least, I do.

I see a blonde girl and think, “I should dye my hair blonde again. Maybe I’ll look like her.” Literally 5 seconds later of scrolling through newsfeed I see a brunette woman, “She gorgeous! Why can’t I look like that?!”

“She’s tan. Maybe I’d look good if I was tan.”

“Her nose is perfect. Mine is huge.” (I want a nose job soooo badly).

“I hate my huge head and fat face.”

It goes on and on and on…


Your mind races; you feel out of control. The sadness builds and builds, until you feel like you are at your very breaking point.

In fact, it often makes me feel very suicidal.


Anywayyyy, haha. I might post more about this later.


Love you all. xo

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