a glimpse of hope & I thank you for that.

{The following is some writings I found from months ago.}

Hope is a huge things for me. Some days, when I have a little glimpse of hope, it almost (or sometimes does) make me cry.

It’s as if the very idea, the very thought that things can actually get better is so foreign to me, that it fills my body, mind, and soul with so many overwhelming emotions.

It’s as if it’s magic; like the ultimate miracle.

As cheesy and over-used as it sounds, I AM NOT ALONE. You are not alone. We – and I mean everyone in this world, no matter what battle we face – we are all little soldiers. We fight, day in and day out. We work hard to overcome difficulties. We cannot give up! We must not.

Sometimes, when I am at my very lowest points in life, and want nothing more than to be done – be gone, be freed from the way I feel – I think of you.

I think of you continuing to fight. I think of you not giving up. I think of you.

I love you. I love all of you. I love and admire you for who you are.

And I thank you for that.



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