America the beautiful.

I am, by no means, thrilled about the 2 people we had to choose between to be the president of our beautiful country.

I have stressed, worried my heart out, & literally cried so much as these long months have gone by.

Over and over I thought, “this is the end for our country. It has gotten this bad?! I don’t want to live if this is how it is”.

Today, strangely enough, I feel at peace. Part of me is hurting all the more, as I see what people are saying on Facebook & whatnot. This election has destroyed friendships, families; it seriously feels to me like we have sucked the love out of everything and everyone.

But, part of me is at peace. I believe in God. I believe in this country. I believe in us. Guys, this is not the end. We are not defeated. Life will go on.

As my good friend used to tell me, “you got this”. Guys, we got this! I truly believe that. I feel it in my heart.

America is strong. I am so freaking proud to be a American. I LOVE this country. I feel blessed & honored to live here.

Let’s work together to make this work.

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