#relationship goals. – january 11th, 2016

There’s this thing on Instagram where people will post pictures of…say, a guy with chiseled abs and a girl with a flawless face and look to her, and they’ll be making out, or in a bed naked (with blankets covering only the parts necessary for the picture to be acceptable on social media), and other pictures like that. Then, the person posting the picture will say ” #relationshipgoals “. I’ll often see many other people on Instagram “tagging” their boyfriend or girlfriend in the comment section of the picture saying stuff like, “OMG, babe, this is sooooo us!!!” Or girls and guys tagging their friends of the same sex, and saying stuff like, “Oh my gosh!! He is soooo hawt! We need a guy like this!!!”

I always die a  little on the inside when I see this. Haha.

Last Sunday, I was at my parents’ ward for church. My little sister and I were watching my dad teach the Sunday School class for the adults in our church. My mom had to sneak in at one point to drop something off. My dad stopped what he was teaching and with a big smile on his face, proudly said, “And this is my beautiful wife, Ruth, for those of you who don’t know her.” She shyly waved, smiled and left the room to go about her business.

My little sister leaned over to me and whispered, “Relationship goals.” We both kind of giggled, but then it really got me thinking. I looked back at my dad, who was beaming. It seriously almost brought tears to my eyes as I got thinking about the love of my sweet parents, and just love in general.

There is a quote I love by Gordon B. Hinckley that reads, “True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well-being of one’s companion.”

I. Stinking. Love. That.

I remember first seeing this quote when I was young and my mother had hung it on our refrigerator door. It has come to my mind many times over the years.

I have a sister who I can never seem to get to watch a movie with me. Finally, fairly recently, I said, “Why do you never want to watch movies with me?!” She went on to explain that some movies are hard for her to watch because the love story looks like it comes so easily. It’s discouraging and frustrating to her.

After hearing that, I was like…Hey, maybe that’s why I feel sad when I watch some movies too. Ha! The kind of love that we see in movies, TV shows, etc….it’s not realistic. At least, the vast majority of the time, I would say.

This is also a reason I don’t watch the TV show “The Bachelor”. From what I’ve seen in the past, and from when I see snip-its of when others watch it, it makes me super depressed. I think to myself, “What am I doing wrong?! What’s wrong with me?” Especially when you see the girls on there that are so incredibly rude. It sometimes makes me frustrated because I feel that if, perhaps that guy was to get to know me and give me a chance, he would see I’m a nice person and have a good personality.

My mom will often reassure me that what we see on that show is nothing “real”. And she’s right. I just sometimes need someone to remind me of that.

I love my parents’ love and their relationship. Life has never been ‘easy’ for them. My parents have raised 7 children, and have 4 grandchildren. When I got into my college years, and took a class where I learned about how much it costs financially to raise just ONE child, I was blown away. Haha! It’s insane! So expensive! But, they wanted a big family. When we had our Christmas Eve dinner this past December, my dad was saying how, with each of us children, my mom and dad prayed and thought long and hard about whether or not they should try to have more children. I truly believe we were all meant to be the children of my two wonderful parents.

They have, and continue to have, their fair share of hardships. They’ve had many financial struggles, they’ve helped their children through various mental illnesses, they’ve had many things in life that have tried and tested their love.

When I look at them, I see true love. Once in a while, they’ll take a moment to talk about how much they love each other at family events and whatnot. To see them sometimes tear up, and when they reach out and hold each other’s hands, or when they give each other a short — yet ever so sweet — kiss on the lips…I see true love.

Not long ago, I was asking my mom if it’s hard when my dad has to work so many long hours, and if she’s sad they don’t go on any extravagant date nights.

She smiled, and told me, “Some of my very favorite times with Woody are when we go out and work on projects in the workshop.”

Ugh. Tuggin’ at my heartstrings! Haha 🙂

People age, bodies change. No one will look and stay young forever — no matter how much people pay in an attempt for that to be the case.

So, the pictures with the guy with chiseled abs and the girl with flawless skin? Yeah, that doesn’t matter. And, that physical stuff won’t last anyway.

My parents are both 59 years old now. 🙂 They have age spots & gray hairs….and I see them as truly beautiful and inspirational individuals. Their love is such an example to me. And it is exactly what I want.

When I see my mother and father….I think #relationshipgoals


“True love is not so much a matter of romance as it is a matter of anxious concern for the well-being of one’s companion.”

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