i have amazing people in my life. – february 1st, 2014

Sometimes I feel very lonely, because, let’s get real, all my friends are married, basically engaged, in a serious relationship with someone, etc.

Well, on Thursday night I had the chance to hang out with some of my lovely girl friends. It was such a fun night, and I just wanted to share a bit about it. I met up with Heather and Zoey and then we drove to Orem to hang out with Andie, her husband Mark, and their baby, Logan. 🙂

(Is this post so random? Haha, whatevs. You’ll get over it.)

As we were driving, Zoey was in charge of the tunes we were listening to, and she was playin’ some bueno ones! My poor little car, Sonia, doesn’t have an antenna thing, so I don’t get radio and I just have to listen to CDs all my life! ANYWAY, I kind of have to rely on others to inform me of what’s the latest and greatest in the music world. I was using the app Shazam to find out the names of like every song she was playing cause they were all so stinkin’ good and I want them in my life.

So, for the past few days, those songs have been my life. Andddd, I thought I’d share them with ya!

But, let me tell you about the rest of the night first. So, I am in love with music. I feel like it has a way of speaking to my soul, or something. 🙂 So, we were just cruisin’ to Orem, I was alone in the backseat, and I just sat quietly and looked out the window as I listened to these beautiful songs, and I loved it. I just sat and pondered life and all it’s little wonders and/or struggles. It was something beautiful. I honestly love when I’m in the car with someone, and I can just look out the window and listen to some tunes and think about things.

Moving on: So we met up with Andie, Mark and baby Logan at this Wendy’s in Orem. And, what the heck? The Wendy’s had been transformed into some futuristic place. It was kinda weird, kinda cool. I actually was kinda diggin’ it. There was this long, fake fireplace thing with all it’s little flames and it was glowing and all cozy.

Anyway, I’ve realized something. When I’m with these wonderful people, I laugh like no other. I seriously could not stop laughing this night, it was honestly just wonderful. We were just talking about the good old days and whatnot, and I just felt so dang happy!

After that, we went to Andie’s house and played the wonderful game Just Dance for a bit. Super fun. 🙂 I’m awful at it, but it’s still super fun. I just laugh at myself the whole time, and we’re good.

Then we watched Iron Man 3 while Andie did Zoey’s eyelashes. Okay, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this movie, and I was still skeptical throughout it, but, oh my heck, Iron Man is too funny! I just love how he will say these HILARIOUS things and then just move on like nothing happened! Hahah, that’s my favorite, when the person is funnier than anything ever, but they are just like…livin’ life and don’t even realize how funny they are!

There were several times he said stuff and I was dying laughing. One of my favorite quotes of the movie was when Iron Man was talking to this young boy and he was like taking his suit apart or something (I can’t remember exactly), and he pulls out this little bit of it and says “This…is a pinata for a cricket.” Hahahaha! I was DYING. At first I was dying laughing because I thought he had said “cripple” not cricket, so I was cracking up, because it was so random. But when Andie told me what he really said, it was still just as dang funny, haha. I don’t know, am I crazy for thinking he is HILARIOUS in those movies?

So, in a nut shell, the night was awesome.

As I was driving home that night I could not stop smiling, thinking of funny things from the night, etc. And I just felt so dang blessed to have these incredible people in my life. I love them all so much, and it’s always so fun to spend time with them, especially when it’s been a while since I’ve seen them. It makes it so special. 🙂

Now, time for these awesome songs I’m now obsessed with:

First: “Love Will Remember” — Selena Gomez.
I know, right?? When I found out it was Selena singing, I was almost ashamed to like the song, but hey, it is what it is! 😉

“Chocolate” — The 1975.
I am LOVIN’ their sound. Take a listen! 🙂

“What Now” — Rihanna.
Agh. I have a crush on Rihanna’s voice. I want to sing like her.

“Once In A Lifetime” — Landon Austin.
I had never heard of this lad, but this song made me happy.

“Bleeding Out” — Imagine Dragons.
HOOOOLY CHILLS! I am lovin’ this song.

“Say Something” — A Great Big World.
Beautiful. And/or kind of depressing, but I like it.

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