a few of my all-time favorite things…and i miss them dearly. – march 26th, 2015

Things I LOVE and miss:

1. Single life with Andie Woodcox (now known as Andie Everill). 🙂
We had even decided we were going to go to college together, but ya know…love finds a way I suppose, haha.
Although, I will say, I am so, so, so happy Andie found her husband and is happily living her cute life. She even has two kids now and here I am…just…chilling. 😉

2. “The Truck”. This was the Woodcox’s truck that we drove around all the time.

3. Having bandannas and hippie-style necklaces hanging from The Truck’s rear view mirror.

4. A car FULL of my favorite girls in the world, driving around, jamming to music. 
(Fun note: In college, I did my final public speaking speech on how to have a completely awesome and correct “Car Jam Session”).

5. Hunting for cute boys. Oh, we were ALWAYS on the hunt, I’m tellin’ ya. I would like when Andie would drive so that I could be looking for cute boys in other cars. Haha!

6. In the Summer (and sometimes when it wasn’t even that warm), Andie and I would go almost everywhere barefooted. It was fun and you felt free! We did get kicked out of Forever 21 once for not having shoes, though. 

7. The days when Corey (Andie’s older brother) would picture up Andie and I from high school to go get lunch at Wendy’s.

8. We would go to the store Zumiez…A LOT. The people who worked there were super chill, friendly, and fun. They even had this awesome old couch set up & an old TV that you could play this skateboarding game on.
Also, the kid I had a crush on worked there, sooooo…ya know, we’d “drop by” quite a bit. 😉 
(Fun fact: That “kid” is still one of my very good friends and I am so glad I met him).

9. *This is one of my favorites* Sometimes we’d go to Andie’s house, I’d sit on their kitchen table, she’d sit on the kitchen counter and we’d just talk. Talk about anything and everything. I feel like that kitchen was where we had some of our deepest talks about life and whatnot. I miss that so much. I love Andie and her family so, so, so much. They are my second family. 

10. We kiiiiinda went through the whole drive-by your crush’s house thing. Haha.

11. We loooooved to roll the car windows down, feel the wind in our hair and stick our arms out the window. 
There may or may not have been several occasions where it was freezing outside (sometimes even raining or snowing), and Andie and I would roll the windows down, put our arms out the window…..and blast the heater!! Hahah! 

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