“I feel amazing today” – june 4, 2017

(Please disregard that I am in a bikini top).

I almost never smile with my teeth, because it makes my face look fat(ter). But, I feel good today. I had my feelings really hurt because of something that happened on Thursday, & I was having a REALLY rough time with it.

I felt completely pathetic, used, & worthless.

Last night, I cried some more, but then I started thinking to myself, “Mariah, you deserve better than that. Move on. Stand yourself back up on your feet. You can do this.” I deserve better?! Since when have I ever been that kind to myself?!

I kept repeating good things over & over & over in my mind. “Mariah, you deserve better.” & for the first time in a loooong freakin’ time, I feel amazing today.


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