chance dillon slaymaker.

Chance Dillon Slaymaker is the brother of my brother’s ex-fiancé. He committed suicide just a few days before my brother and Chance’s sister were to be married.

I miss him literally EVERY day. I was so excited to have a little brother and get to spend so much more time with this beautiful soul.

I remember one time Chance was over at my house and I was makeup-less, about to do my makeup. I felt shy that he saw me without makeup. But, I could immediately tell he didn’t care whatsoever.

He simply started up a conversation with me. Talking with him always came so easily.

He was beyond kind, an amazing friend to all he met, fun, loving, and so much more.

As I visited his gravesite the other day, I was baffled to be reminded that he died clear back in 2013.

I wept as I spoke out-loud to him for a few minutes.


I love you so, so much, Chance. ❤


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