may 19th facebook status.

So, I haven’t spent much time on Facebook recently for different reasons. One being that it sometimes makes me sad.

However, today, as I looking at what different people have posted, I keep tearing up and I’m trying to hold back my tears so I don’t ruin my makeup before work. Haha. 🙂

I am feeling incredibly grateful right now. I am SO blessed. Too many things to even list (and not enough time before I have to leave for work, ha).


But, I seriously love you all so much. For the all the tears I have cried in my life out of sadness, despair, etc….I have cried perhaps as many tears out of happiness, love, and gratitude.

I’m sorry for my consistent sappy posts, haha. I just feel like I want you all to know that I love you. I seriously feel like I want to be best friends with all of you. Haha.

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