some recent thoughts & snip-its from my life. – january 9th, 2014

(I realize most of these are on Facebook as well, but I wanted to have them on my blog, just for good measure.) 😉

1. I have a dilemma. I try to smile at everyone I pass by and such, to be nice. But, when I go to the gym, there are often creepers. When I make eye contact with someone I just naturally smile, so sometimes I’ll end up smiling at them, and then they look so creepy and pleased. So, I don’t want them to think I’m like flirting with them or anything, but I want to be nice. Dilemma.

2. Let the games begin! (New school semester). And may the odds be ever in my favor.

Ugh. Not too excited to be back in school. I’m doing online classes through Utah State, so that’s nice, because I can do the work on my own time. But there are still deadlines and I still stress out like no other. Also, I swear I end up doing WAY more work for online classes than I EVER did when I would go to class each day. I would just show up to class, take notes, do the homework, etc. But with this online jazz, I have class discussions for just about every class each week, along with assignments and quizzes due each week. UGH! Oh, and I have to actually read the textbook, haha. I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but I swear I’ve never had to do this much reading for other classes. Oh, and online lectures each week. Yikes. Sorry to complain! haha

3. Me: “Ahh, my hair smells like a guardian angel! …and by that, I mean it smells really good.”

Dad: “I’m glad you clarified that.”

Love my family.
4. Fear is the opposite of Faith.
5. Whenever I don’t feel in the mood to exercise, I just think about my little heart that works all day, every day, pumping to keep me alive. And I’m gonna work that little fella out!
6. I was watching the film “Seven Pounds” the other night (I was in the mood for a good cry), and I was reminded that Will Smith is definitely one of my favorite actors, ever. So talented.

7. Dear movie “Inception”: I love and hate you.

The ending kills me. I NEED CLOSURE!!

8. So, I’m pretty sure this handsome man at the gym was getting off the treadmill to come talk to me as I left, but he tripped on his foot and then just kept walking. I’m flattered.

I’ve been proud of myself. I’ve been going to the gym each day since the beginning of the new year.

9. I watched the movie “Brave” for the first time. Cutest movie!! It made me happy.

I’m not afraid to admit that I teared up while watching this.

10. I used FaceTime for the first time the other night! I will never go back to normal phone calls. Haha, it was so fun.

11. The song “I See Fire” that plays at the end of the movie “The Hobbit,” is INCREDIBLE. Go listen to it. It’s by Ed Sheeran.

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