sunday. – august 14th, 2012

Sacrament meeting on Sunday was amazing.
It was exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life; because of what what I’ve been thinking and feeling recently.

The woman who spoke said several things that really struck me and I feel like I really need to apply to my life.

She spoke on some of the following:

1. No one can make my life worth living, but me.
2. My life is up to me.  I need to stop waiting around for my life to become grand or for something amazing to happen.  I need to get out there and make it happen!
3. I need to concentrate on being the best me.  I need to stop focusing on others, quit worrying about how I am not like them, and work on myself, as an individual.  I need to make myself interesting, and someone people want to be around.
4. Desire to do good.  Not because I’m ‘supposed’ to, but because that is what I want, and who I want to be.
5. Be 100% converted to the Savior.
6. Be filled with love.  I need to get rid of all my angry thoughts and feelings I have towards people, things, whatever it may be. Fill myself with love.

Like I said, it was an amazing talk and I felt like she was speaking directly to me. Loved it.

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