My First Blog Post. Finally. – July 20th, 2012

So, I have been wanting to start-up a blog for a while now; just to type up bits and pieces of my life, share it, or even just to vent. So here I am.

I don’t know how, where, or with what I should even start. I was thinking about posting some of my old writings.

I started writing what I call “poetry”, (because it’s easier to explain that way) in High School.  I remember being in seminary and feeling so alone and sad inside. I just wanted to hide. I remember feeling sad about the way I look; I felt ugly, felt like I didn’t compare to other girls. I would feel like a bad person, my mind was constantly racing.

Seminary was good for me in the sense that it let me have time to be alone in my mind, even though I was at school.  I think most of my seminary teachers understood something was going on and could see that I wasn’t super happy a lot of the time, so they kind of just let me be during class. I always really appreciated that.

I would sit and listen, while writing and drawing anything and everything. I would write any word that came to my mind, any thought or lyric from a song that seemed to speak to me. I once drew a giant tree like my sister Katy drew once.  The tree was kind of a like a little Shire; there was a little path circling up the tree, and little round doors and windows of tiny little homes all up and down the tree. Art is not my specialty, so that didn’t last long. Haha.

I have notebooks full of words, poems, thoughts, etc. all that I did during school. I think it was actually very therapeutic for me to be getting all those negative thoughts out of my head and down on paper.

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